Sunday, July 27, 2014


Do you hear that? That ringing in your ears is the sound of your CX Alarm clock. DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON! Yes you can continue racing gravel, mtn, office crits and doing Tough Mudders. Do a charity ride while you can. Get that Lobster Roll Century in asap. Because in 7 short weeks we are getting this SSCX Party started once again! There is a lot to get done between now and then. Believe me. Show of hands. How many of you still have mud from Ice Weasels encrusted on your SSCX bike? Yeah I thought so. Pull it off the rack. Or drag it out of the basement. Show it some love and get back on it. Pedal out to a park and see if you remember to remount without a stutter step.

The last time we tuned into this Bat Channel we were wearing Ex President masks and racing in a blizzard down in Philly. So much stoke from that weekend still coursing through our veins. Some HUGE news for this years SSCX Series. First we are proud to announce Harpoon Brewery will be the official beer sponsor of the 2014 Zank SSCX Series! This is such a good fit. First we all love Harpoon and know what an integral part they are of the cycling scene here in New England. They have supported cycling in NE from day one. Secondly (and MORE exciting news!) we will be adding Paradise Cross Frenzy in VT to the series! Why is this such big news? One its in VT. And VT is awesome. Two it will be a great double weekend of VT CX with Paradise on day one and Putney on day two. Three (and maybe most important) Paradise is held in Windsor, VT where the HARPOON BREWERY IN VT IS! How awesome is that? So excited on both fronts. In all seriousness Harpoon not only makes fantastic beer but they are a great company. Local. Doing it right. And most recently became employee-owned!

For 2014 we will have 13 races! Or a Baker's Dozen if you will ; )

The 2014 Zanconato SSCX Series:

9/7-Quad CX, Maynard MA
9/20-Cyclocross at White Park, Concord, NH
9/21-Sucker Brook, Auburn, NH
9/24-Midnight Ride of Cyclocross, Lancaster, MA-One of only two night CX races in New England! And the kick off of the Holy (or Unholy depending on your perspective) Week of CX

10/3-Providence Festival of CX, Providence, RI-This will be the Daytona of this year's series. They once again will be giving us Friday to hold our SSCX race and the Madison. The Builder's Ball will be at Roger William's Park this year so will be a great place to get together after the races and have a party and look at handbuilt bikes and art!
10/11-Mansfield Hollow, Mansfield, CT
10/12-MRC CX, Lancaster, MA
10/18-Hanover CX, Hanover, NH
10/26-Orchard CX-The home of CX Giraffe!!!

11/8-Paradise Cross Frenzy-Windsor, VT
11/15-Cheshire CX, Cheshire, CT
11/23-New England Regional Championships, Fitchburg, MA

12/13-Ice Weasels. And yes the beauty of IW being held on the 13th is not lost on me.

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