Thursday, October 20, 2011

Women's Podium from MRC

Great shot of the women's podium from MRC! From left to right Kerry Litka, Cait Dooley, and Clara Kelly. Congrats ladies! High & Mighty beer, smiles all around. CFR!

Monday, October 17, 2011

And your points leaders are...

After 4 rounds of the Zank SSCX Series your points leaders are for the women:

  1. Cathy Rowell 60
  2. Cait Dooley 50
  3. Kerry Combs 46
  4. Michelle Packer 25
  5. Teri Carilli 24

The men's points leaders are:

1. Doug Kennedy 91
2. Shawm Mottram 69
3. Cort Cramer 69
4. Mike Rowell 63
5. Matt Aumiller 61
6. Benjamin Stephen 52
7. Jerry Chabot 49
8. Ian Whittle 49
9. Curtis Boivin 47
10. Matt Myette 45

Full results are

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mansfield Hollow report from Matt Aumiller

Matt Aumiller reported in about Mansfield on his was to MRC:

"Let me start by saying that this race is one of the best grass roots races in New England. Thread City Cycles is doing it right! A beautiful and challenging venue, free food, primes for catching the guy in the chicken suit. You name it. The racing is top notch, but much lower stress than the verge series.

The course is long...canton long. About 9minute lap times. It features some challenging cambers, two beach sections, and up to 6 dismounts per lap. This race is CT's best kept secret.

In round 3 of the Zancontato Single Speed CX series, a lead group of Cort Cramer, Doug Kennedy, and Shawn Mottram led from the start. Mottram broke a spoke bunny hopping a log. Kennedy and Cramer pulled away and Mottram fought his way back through the field to a hard earned third place. Cramer pulled away from Kennedy securing the win, while Kennedy finished second."

Great race report Matt! Can't wait to here about MRC!

Cort FTW!!!!

Cort racing at this years Wheelers Dealers race at CrossVegas photo by Todd Prekaski

Huge congrats to Zanconato Custom Cycles race team rider Cort Cramer for winning round #3 of the Zank SSCX series at Mansfield Hollow on Saturday! Mansfield is one of the coolest grassroots races around and its course is legendary for so many twists and turns.

The results for saturday's race were:

1. Cort Cramer
2. Doug Kennedy
3. Shawn Mottram
4. Matt Aumiller
5. Benjamin Stephens
6. Mark Bernard
7. Chris Borello
8. Seth Davis
9. Paul Penaskovic
10 Raymond Cloutier
11 Michele Packer

Congrats to everyone who raced!