Thursday, October 11, 2012

Check, check, it out...

Ok so we are mid-way through October. We have had some great races. And I know there has been some confusion about which races are part of the series and some of the "rules." I apologize for some of the confusion. The schedule is pretty much as it was originally drawn up with some late to the party additions. And like any good host when a good friend shows up an hour late for the party and is carrying two six packs of Dale's Pale Ale you let him in.

We hatched this idea two years ago at Ice Weasels. We aren't copying the Pac Northwest or trying to imitate any other SSCX format. Our good friend Zac Daab has built a really cool series out in Seattle. That I would LOVE to copy. But I am not sure the NECX is ready for it. The SSCX series was and is meant to first be fun, second help grow SSCX and three promote and strengthen grass roots cross racing in New England. The first goal is easy. The other two are somewhat more complicated.

Each of the races in our series are run independently. Separate promoters. Me, Zank and Matt have no stake in their races. We don't get anything from the races or make any money from them. What we get is the huge satisfaction of seeing SSCX grow and seeing a lot of cool cross racers really enjoying themselves.

This is a beta cx series. Or a wiki cx series. We would LOVE your input. Or help. Or ideas. I have a vision in the back of my head. Not sure it can ever be a reality but its my vision. I welcome any feedback and want to hear how you would like the series to be.

One of the reasons we allow races on the same date is that part of what we want is for racers to have more options. You shouldn't have to drive two hours every weekend to race 40 minutes. For lots of reasons. So when you have a race in NH and one in CT on the same date it actually can be a really good thing.

So we have added:

Hanover- A Hup member in NH has been trying to make this race happen for years.  It finally happened. We are super stoked about it

CT Series. Hunter and the CT promoters have had a SS division for a long time. So when Hunter emailed us about how his races were developing we added them in.

New England Regionals- This race happens AFTER our finals. How does that work? We want to support Alan and his race. He does a ton for the NECX. He will use the Zank series points for staging. That is pretty cool. We maybe don't talk about it but USAC has a SSCX national championship jersey. If I was a talented SSCX racer I would be targeting THAT race. I would be using the Zank SSCX series and Alan's race as stepping stones to bring that Stars and Stripes back home.

We have this perception that out West they don't take SSCX seriously. They crushed the competition at Nats last year. You want that jersey you are gonna have to fight some bad ass SSCX racers that is all I am saying. I for one want someone from the NECX to win that jersey. That jersey means more to me than all the masters jerseys combined. There I said it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Zank Singlespeed Cyclocross Series p/b High & Mighty Beer

Welcome to the 2012 Zanconato singlespeed cx series p/b High & Mighty Beer

Below is the schedule for this season. We have some great new races added into the mix and some of the best grassroots races in all of New England. Same rules apply. Race one speed, have fun, love cross. Pretty simple right? 

We are proud to announce High & Mighty will be back as presenting sponsor. We have also added Boloco burritos to the mix! Beer, Burritos and single speed cx? How good is that! Six weeks. Get that cx bike ready. We will have zip ties on hand to make your geared bike a one speed in about two seconds if you don't have a dedicated single speed. We like dedicated one speeds but we don't judge. We want as many people racing sscx as possible. One race and you will be hooked. 

9/8-BOB race
9/9-Quad CX
9/22-CX at White Park NH
9/23-Sucker Brook

10/13-Mansfield Hollow
10/14-MRC race

11/17-Cheshire CX

12/8-Ice Weasels
12/15-NE Regionals